Monday, December 9, 2013

5 Day Forecast: W2V1

Monday ∆ The Holidays - All Time High

Melodies make music, they make you cry, feel joy and get goosebumps. This is a song that gives me goosebumps. That's when you know when music is good. This song from Australia's The Holidays is a track that I love. It has that melody you could put into a commercial or a action montage, it works. The vocals perfectly accompany the rest of the instruments, creating a very unique sound and feel.

All Time High has that spunk to it that brings joy to your ears. And here at the radar, we love upbeat songs, especially this one. As a matter of fact, today I played this song on repeat for a good hour and lost track of myself in the melody. This song is sure to put you in an all time high.

Indie Pop is becoming more of a cookie cutter experience, oh the irony. However this track seems to break it and mystify the listener. If you like The Temper Trap you will love these guys. There riffs are very similar and have to same vibe. Specifically I love how the drums and the guitar riff work together in unison, you don't hear that much anymore. I have too much to say about this song, but I won't hold you any longer. Here it is...