Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Day Forecast: W1V5

Friday ∆ Eliza and the Bear - It Gets Cold

It's winter, it's cold, you want to get out of the frigid hell that is the northern hemisphere. Well, this London band knows how you feel. It sure does get cold in the winter but the song It Gets Cold will have you warm and toasty despite those chilly wintry vibes. Also, hey, it's friday don't you really need a "pick-me-up" song to start your weekend?

Eliza and the Bear's song has a rhythm, tune, and feeling, of a band that you would hear in a pub in England. But, they mix their English influences with a modern indie pop feel. The beat gallops and keeps a really upbeat atmosphere. The guitars, oh the guitars, I just love the clean melody it plays and the quick little noodles and chords that ring throughout the song. It really makes you well, "turn that frown upside-down" that you've had from all your seasonal depression.

All of the instruments fit splendidly together but, the vocals really push this track along. The singer's english accent actually makes this song feel more *auth, like you really are listening to some english pub band. Their use of reverb on the vocals are minimal but, when he sings "it gets cold" (0:49) the reverb really beefs up the vocals and emphasizes the lyrics. The beginning is great but, when the breakdown hits (2:20), the song gets even more lively and exciting. The hard strumming guitars, the big cymbal crashes, and yes those beautiful horns really get you going and "jamming out". Then all the back-up vocals come in and it's just...just...just...wonderful. It gets your blood pumping and really puts a smile on your face.

If I were to make some comparisons I'd say their Indie-Pop styles are very reminiscent of Shortstraw on their 2013 LP Good Morning, Sunshine. But, their UK sound for some reason remind me of The Real McKenzies or a toned down (in distortion) Dropkick Murphy's.

Massive, kudos to these bros from London. Great track and great way to end the week.


-Peace for the week
∆ Sam

*auth = authentic